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Echo Beds at Growler Records on 20 May 2012 

Title: SFArsonist Alibi Pt. I Artist: Echo Beds 169 plays


Echo Beds ☂ Arsonist Alibi part 1.
   ~Exchanging sunlight for black smoke~
    “In the face of such an opposition, we have little choice but to set it all aflame.”

Echo Beds
 have utterly outdone themselves this time, just as I knew they would.
The Denver dystopian noise trio have created something so raw, so primal, so cerebrally violent that the musical masochist inside you will cry out in orgasmic delight.
I watched Echo Beds perform this song in a packed DIY space with 4 drummers playing in sync, crashing and screeching sound-sculpture and member David Mead going out into the audience and screaming into a mega-phone.  
It absolutely blew me away, Echo Beds grabbed me by the lungs and pummeled me with sound as visceral as anything I’ve ever experienced from any one performance I could name, after their set I told them that I imagined the experience seemed similar to an early Swans show. To listen to their new Arsonist Alibi EP is to be willingly thrown into the cold muddy downward slide into a mass grave of sonic oblivion.
Go ahead, let yourself be absorbed by the baphometic war machine that is the rhythm of “Arsonist Alibi pt. 1”. It’s
 very footsteps instills fear and anxiety into the hearts of all who hear it. 
It starts out right on top of you, with shrieking war cries and pummeling you with cascading mortars of rhythmic noise only to segway into slow breathing agression. As it broodingly waits for its next victim to come within striking distance.

The other track on the record is quite similar except it contains vocal samples which make statements against war, corruption, racism, imperialism and religious fascism. 

All in all Echo Beds really are a stunning force in avante garde music today..
They make a bigger, more monstrously fierce sound than almost anyone and despite what some might think.. YES, the world still needs that, now more than ever.
So help make their creative voices heard by showing them some support by grabbing the EP and liking their facebook.


Echo Beds // Arsonist Alibi

This band found their way to me courtesy of Doran from Strange Fires. Without knowing he had sent them my way, I took one listen and instantly thought of him. Funny how that worked out. Anyways, the band is called Echo Beds and they are three Denver guys who specialize in brutal industrial noise.

If you listen to the two parts of this EP, you’ll find that there is an element of controlled chaos that permeates the release and also parallels the band’s humble beginnings. After the sudden folding of a previous band, the guys had to perform a final tour gig with less than an hour to prepare. And thus Echo Beds was born. They took rubble and pressurized it into something new.

Since that night they’ve decided to pour more of themselves into the project and it has yielded some wonderful results. Arsonist Alibi is a desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland, but there is also a sort of beauty to it. Bones crunch and snap, jagged shards of metallic noise cut their way through the atmosphere, and primal voices scream until vocal chords are left bruised and bloodied. And yet the band takes all of these harsh elements and grinds them down into parts with which they can build something new. Something worth sitting up and taking notice of.


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New E.P.

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Wednesday February 3rd
Mercury Cafe
Denver, Colorado

Razor Blade Hand Job
Echo Beds
Pythian Whispers
Casualties of the Digital Revolution

Visual assistance with Katrin Davis.
DJ Skills by Jacob DeRaadt

8PM 5$ door/5$ Organic Vegetarian Buffet

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Sunday November 13th
The Further Shoppe
21st and Champa
Denver, CO

Echo Beds


Gemini Trajectory
Echo Beds
Kevin John Wesley

Friday October 21,2011

Bar Bar (Carioca Cafe)
2060 Champa St
Denver, CO.

Recorded live on Radio 1190 KVCU in Boulder Colorado on 30 September 2011

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Thursday: Albuquerque @ The Crypt w/The Brooklyn 700, Alchemical Burn and Vavaz

Friday: Flagstaff @ Mia’s Lounge w/Action Star and Edwin Schwarz

Saturday: San Diego @ The Soda Bar, Brainbomb Festival

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